Schematic of laser cladding process

What is Laser Cladding? The Important Facts and New Technology Innovations.

Laser Cladding is a directed energy deposition (DED) technology. It is also called laser overlay welding and, when used for additive manufacturing, laser metal deposition (LMD) or Directed Laser Metal Deposition (DLMD). These are many names for essentially the same technology principle: A laser melts and bonds metal alloy layers to a substrate component or … Read more

Gefertec process Chain

What is wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM)?

In recent years, additive manufacturing technologies have developed rapidly due to their capability of manufacturing complex components without the restriction of conventional manufacturing processes, resulting in reduction of the lead-time, material waste and costs. Nevertheless, there are still significant obstacles in the production of large-volume components particularly in the efficiency of the process. A major … Read more

Laser Cladding and hardfacing

Re-manufacturing with Laser Cladding. How can it help me save time and money?

It is a question often asked by engineers, supply chain professionals, and shop managers alike. Surprisingly, the answer is more straightforward than one might suspect. While a laser is still a relatively expensive tool to operate, the benefits offered in the re-manufacturing of critical components are substantial, especially under life cycle cost considerations. What is … Read more