Laser Hardening

Laser hardening is an ideal surface modification technology for highly stressed and/or complex components made out of a ferrous material suitable for hardening. The process produces the highest hardnesses achievable for the selected steel or alloy with practically no warping. The laser heat input is very targeted and confined to local areas. The heating and cooling is so rapid that no external quenching is required. Laser hardening is typically used for cutting edges, sharp corners, pockets or other important geometrical part features.

Characteristics of Laser Hardening

  • Very precise and local energy input with minimal heat affect.
  • Practically no distortion which allows the processing of finished parts
  • Very little hardness stresses
  • Low risk of cracking
  • Self quenching
Laser Hardening
Laser Hardening 2

Our Service

LWS assists customers new to the technology in comparing laser hardening to conventional surface hardening technologies such as nitriding, oven-, flame- or induction hardening. We prepare samples, offer metallurgical analysis and external third party laboratory qualifications.

Part Dimensions

LWS has the right equipment for your laser hardening application. We service parts of less than an inch up to large components with several tons in weight.

Laser Hardening