Laser Cladding MaterialsLWS uses a wide variety of cladding materials to tailor the performance of the component to the wear behavior experienced in the field. We also continue to focus research efforts on developing new, improved and custom cladding materials. Contact us to inquire more information about current developments.

Non-Magnetic Cladding Materials

LWS is uses the following materials for its hardfacing process:

  • Super Bond – a Nickel based buffer alloy developed that enhances adhesion and impact resistance and compensates for thermal stresses
  • Super M-1 – a Nickel alloy matrix w/ spherical tungsten carbide particles designed to maximize abrasive wear resistance

Diamond Cladding Materials

LWS uses LASER DWC, a non-magnetic diamond coating for components experiencing highly abrasive wear patterns. The powder consists of a mix of natural & synthetic diamonds embedded in a copper based matrix. On wear tested samples the diamond material outperforms common Tungsten Carbide coatings by a factor of 2 – 3.