Mission, Vission and Values


Laser Welding Solutions develops and produces innovative manufacturing technologies that are at the center of laser welding and additive manufacturing and brings them to bear for companies seeking to constantly improve their industrial products for better performance, higher efficiency, and increased sustainability. We are driven to be go-to partners for our customers in their continuous efforts to provide better products and solutions.

LWS Mission
LWS Vision


We continuously improve laser welding and additive manufacturing technologies so that they become mainstream methods of manufacturing improved industrial products. Additive manufacturing consumes less resources of rare alloys and metals and at the same time is a gateway for the design of better and more efficient products.


Making our customers successful is at the core of everything we do. We believe that the main objective of innovation is to produce better and more sustainable products for our customers and to the ultimate benefit of the consumer. Our commitment to customer success means that we value close collaboration, transparency and honoring our customer relationships beyond just delivering a service.

LWS Values