Origin Story

Laser Welding Solutions (LWS) was founded in 2005 with the vision of bringing new and innovative laser technology into a job shop environment. For this purpose, the company combined the talents of managers and employees from machine shop backgrounds with engineers from Laser Research & Development organizations.

Early Successes

In 2005 Laser Welding Solutions was an early pioneer in combining high power diode lasers with robotic motion systems for surface applications in the US industrial market. At the time, this novel approach significantly reduced the cost and turnaround time of laser cladding and hardfacing applications. Today this technology approach is considered state-of the art and is arguably one of the biggest contributors for the tremendous growth of laser surface applications across many industries.

Important Milestones

  • 2007 - LWS first introduced laser cladding and hardfacing on the inner diameters of tubular geometries with 4” or larger. Today diameters of 1” or more are an industry standard.
  • 2008 - LWS qualified as the first laser company for the laser cladding of hydraulic offshore piston rods per Det Norske Veritas (DNV). At the same time we introduced process-in line monitoring for cladding layer thickness and temperature control.
  • 2012 - LWS expanded its capabilities into the area of 3d laser printing, using high power lasers to build up 3 dimensional geometries.
  • 2015 - LWS developed Diamondite-M as an abrasion resistant material utilizing coated diamonds in a proprietary matrix for extreme abrasive wear applications.
  • 2021 - LWS became an early adapter of mobile laser technology, bringing high quality laser joining and cladding into our customers production facilities.
  • Also in 2021 - LWS branched out into wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). This technology significantly enhances the capabilities in 3d printing for large area metal components.

Innovation in technology for the benefit of our customers products is the driving force behind everything we do.