Plasma Transferred Arc

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) cladding is a process used both for directly applying hardfacing and for applying a matrix material around tungsten carbide tiles. Bearings and journals for mud motors, as well as flow diverters and some stabilizers are common applications for PTA cladding.
Direct applied hardfacing is typically 60% spherical tungsten carbide in a nickel-based matrix which is a process Welding Solutions offers in both OD and ID applications.

Laser Welding Solutions also has the ability to apply tungsten carbide tiles for wear resistance. We have experience with both round ‘button’ type carbides as well as rectangular ‘brick’ type carbides and PTA cladding the nickel-based matrix around the tiles.

Carbide tiles are commonly used in high-stress bearings, journals, and flow diverters where they are able to provide improved wear resistance compared to 60% tungsten carbide in a matrix applied with a PTA or laser process.

7.25in Journals
PTA - OD and tile
PTA - Weld beads on shaft