Custom Coatings

Popcorn StagesExploding raw material costs and increasing demands for longer lifetime of parts & components present new challenges to our customers. We at LWS support your R&D and engineering departments by developing customer proprietary laser coatings that exceed your expectations. LWS offers the entire development process through all stages or to assist your in house departments with the following resources:

  • Laser Welding Solutions laboratoryExperienced and ISO certified in-house metallurgical department
  • State-of-the-art laboratory
  • Laser Weld Testing of your materials
  • Laser Cladding of testing parts & pre-production parts
  • Production laser cladding

Examples of Coating Developments:

  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with Ni base and hardness greater 35HRC for saltwater and acid applications
  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with iron base for saltwater applications
  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with abrasion wear properties
  • Abrasion resistant coating with modified carbide and matrix metallurgy for extreme environments
  • Abrasion resistant coating for parts undergoing bending stresses

Laser Welding Solutions coating diagram