Your Laser Experts For:

  • Laser Hardfacing of abrasion resistant materials

  • Laser Cladding of corrosion resistant alloys

  • Laser ID Cladding

  • Development of Customized Laser Coatings

Laser Welding Solutions (LWS) has a combined experience in laser processing & welding of more than 20 years. We bring the most innovative laser technology to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction in our products, cost, service quality, turn around and delivery time.

Our Flexcell robotic laser welding system is designed to offer a high level of flexibility and a large work envelope with one compact piece of equipment. Our system can accommodate parts from a few inches up to 65 ft in length, 24” in diameter and a weight of 5 tons in a wide variety of shapes and geometries.


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Hyprotect Hardfacing Wear Protection Coatings

Coreprotect Laser Cladding Corrosion Resistant Coatings

iProtect Laser Cladding of Inner Diameters (ID)

Laser Hardfacing delivers one of the highest quality abrasive wear protection coatings available today. The LWS HYPROTECT series of coatings produces specific characteristics such as...learn more

Laser Cladding has emerged as the new technology of choice for protection against extremely corrosive environments. COREPROTECT was developed by LWS for the optimization of important coating properties that directly impact the lifetime of your component such as…learn more

Laser Cladding of inner diameters (ID) is an exciting new technology that allows our customers to now expect the same high quality coating properties on the inside of their parts as on the outside. The iPROTECT process is designed for use with ALL our powders and offers…learn more