Meet the Team

Stephan Naegeler (President)

Stephan has worked with lasers since 1994. His engineering
diploma thesis focused on generating 3d structures utilizing CO2 lasers. After being an Executive
Director for a laser research organization he and his business partners founded Laser
Welding Solutions in 2005.

Thurman Harrell (Director of Laser Technology)

Thurman is a licensed professional engineer with extensive experience in a wide variety of engineering
design and analysis, with a special emphasis on weldments, hydraulics and machinery.
Thurman brings skills in process optimization and computational geometry to LWS for
complete coverage of our customers’ technical needs.

Edward Peterson (Manager of Quality Control and R&D)

Edward is a degreed welding engineer and an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). He has
experience with various welding codes, the development and qualification of welding procedures
to customer and industry specifications, and ISO 9001 quality management systems.

Mike Perkins (Sales)

Mike serves as Sales for Laser Welding Solutions and has worked over 40 years in the manufacturing
and supply chain fields within the Oil & Gas industry. Mike has had a long career,
working with the manufacturing groups of Wireline, Measurement While Drilling, Logging While
Drilling, Reservoir Sampling and SubSea.