Quality Control

Laser Welding Solutions Quality ControlOur Standard of Excellence applies to everything we do and includes:

  • Consulting on your wear problem
  • Assisting in research work to increase the performance of your tools
  • Laser processing your parts and components
  • Supporting your part design and engineering work

The LWS team provides a combined experience of more than 20 years in the laser industry and more than 40 years of welding experience. We take great pride in putting the most innovative laser technology to work for the benefit of our customers.

HYPROTECT is a fully certifiable process – at the option of the customer, certifications can be issued. Please contact us for additional certification information.

Laser Welding Solutions Quality ControlCONTROL Q

CONTROL Q is a 100% real-time, self-learning, quality control system which ensures consistent quality of all processed parts and components. It is designed to monitor relevant process parameters and feed the obtained information back to the controller of the FLEXCELL robotic welding system.  The system automatically activates process parameter changes within milliseconds if a threat to the part quality is detected.  The CONTROL Q data is saved with the according part number and can be issued as part of a quality certificate to the customer.