Quality Control

Today, Quality Control is consequential for every business in manufacturing. At Laser Welding Solutions (LWS) we believe that in a high-tech company it takes an even higher level of significance. As we are constantly challenged by our customers to push the envelops of innovation, quality control has to be lived and yielded hand-in-hand. At the end of the day, what good does innovation do if it cannot be delivered consistently according to the highest quality standards available?


LWS has been certified according to ISO9001 since 2008. Our current standard is ISO9001:2015

Laser Welding Solution Values
microscope with computer analyser

Weld Procedure Specification (WPS)

Every laser welding job at LWS is governed by a Weld Procedure Specification. The WPS is typically developed in accordance to the customer specifications and requested industrial standards. In absence of customer specifications, LWS generates a WPS per in-house procedures which meet or exceed certain requirements of ASME Section IX.

In-House Laboratory 

LWS has an internal metallurgical laboratory well equipped to analyze weld quality and laser surface coating characteristics. The laboratory allows us to test fast and often giving our customers the highest level of confidence in the services we deliver.

metallurgical examination