Custom Coatings

Exploding raw material costs and increasing demands for a longer lifetime of parts & components present new challenges to our customers. We at LWS support your R&D and engineering departments by developing customer proprietary laser coatings that exceed your expectations. LWS offers the entire development process through all stages or to assist your in-house departments with the following resources:

  • Experienced and ISO certified in-house metallurgical department
  • State-of-the-art laboratory
  • Laser Weld Testing of your materials
  • Laser Cladding of testing parts & pre-production parts
  • Production laser cladding

Examples of Coating Developments:

  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with Ni base and hardness greater 35HRC for saltwater and acid applications
  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with iron base for saltwater applications
  • Corrosion resistant laser coating with abrasion wear properties
  • Abrasion resistant coating with modified carbide and matrix metallurgy for extreme environments
  • Abrasion resistant coating for parts undergoing bending stresses

Laser Welding Solutions coating diagram